Frequently Asked Questions

What is Influencer Marketing?

The marketing procedure in which influencers are hired by the companies to market or promote their products and services through online and social media platforms is called Influencer Marketing.

What do Influencer Marketing Agencies do?

Marketing agencies act as the mediator between influencers and brands/companies. They help the brands to reach the customers worldwide through prominent influencers having wider reach.

What is the difference between influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements?

Influencers are experts in their niche whereas celebrities have their own brand power. When it comes to convincing customers, influencers prove to be more efficient as they are considered more homogeneous than the celebrities.

How is digital marketing different from influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing can be counted as a component of digital marketing. Influencer marketing engages experts of multiple domains for promotion(s) on social media platforms whereas digital marketing includes different strategies like SEO, paid social media ads and content marketing.

What is an influencer marketing campaign?

Influencer marketing campaigns are marketing strategies designed by keeping in mind the specific needs of a brand or a company. Such campaigns are run on social media platforms by hiring influencers and social media content creators.

How to run a successful campaign for influencer marketing?

One can successfully run an influencer marketing campaign by ● Choosing an appropriate influencer according to the niche or domain. ● Keeping yourself updated about the latest online trends. ● Maintaining transparency between the influencer and the brand.

What makes MinnionsFame different from other influencer marketing agencies?

MinnionsFame has a huge network of about 1.8 lakh influencers registered on their platform. They efficiently manage the correspondence, transactions and the maintenance of content quality between the brands and the influencers. They use Machine Learning as well as Artificial Intelligence in managing and handling the platform. All in all MinnionsFame is the most competent mediator between both the parties.

For how long MinnionsFame has been in the field of influencer marketing?

For 5 years MinnionsFame has been in the field of influencer marketing.

What is MinnionsFame?

MinnionsFame is an influencer marketing agency working as a mediator between the various brands and influencers for 5 years. It is one of the most prominent and dependable agencies in the field of influencer marketing. MinnionsFame also facilitates individuals in starting their career as an influencer.

How does MinnionsFame works?

MinnionsFame allows the brands and the influencers to register on their platform and meet their requirements with the help of AI and Machine Learning. Brands are invited to run campaigns to meet their marketing goals in which influencers can seek participation by providing the brands with the required contents.

What are the services provided by MinnionsFame platform?

MinnionsFame provides: ● Influencers and contents to the brands. ● Campaigns and other opportunities to the influencers. ● Over all career support to the budding influencers.

Who can avail the services of MinnionsFame platform?

● All the brands looking out to run social media and influencer marketing campaigns. ● All the influencers seeking opportunities to collaborate and work with high end brands. ● Aspiring influencers who want to establish their career in the field of influencer marketing.

How to register oneself on the MinnionsFame platform?

One can register on this platform either as a client(brand) or as an influencer. To successfully register yourself you have to ● Select a user name. ● Enter your email address. ● Enter your contact number. ● Enter your country of origin. ● Create a strong password. ● Confirm the password. ● Accept the terms of service (after going through it carefully) ● Click on the ‘Submit’ button. ● Enter the OTP, received on the provided email id.

Why should a brand choose MinnionsFame as their Influncer marketing agency?

MinnionsFame provides best in class services and assistance with the help of AI and Machine Learning in the field of influencer marketing and social media marketing. It is one the most trusted influencer marketing agencies with the strength of 1.8 lakh registered influencers as well as over 8 thousand brands.

Can a brand get a demonstration of the functioning of the services before starting a campaign on the MinnionsFame platform?

No, the ease of functioning and convenience provided by MinnionsFame eliminates the requirement of demonstration.

Who will design the campaign?

The brands will design the campaign according to their requirements. MinnionsFame will only act as a platform and a medium to fulfil the requirements of the campaign.

Will an influencer marketing campaign be budget friendly?

Yes, MinnionsFame assures the quality as well as quantity equivalent to the money invested by the brand for a campaign, that too in a stipulated time.

Who will decide the value of a campaign?

The brands and MinnionsFame will jointly decide the final value of the campaign.

How will the value of a campaign be decided?

MinnionsFame will negotiate the proposed campaign value coated by the brands in respect to the quality and the quantity of the content required.

How can brands know which influencers are working for them?

Brands can easily access the list of the influencers working for them through their MinnionsFame dashboard.

How can brands know that the influencers are genuine?

MinnionsFame assures the authenticity of the influencers while registering them on its platform.

Can brands choose the influencers for the campaign on their own?

Yes, the brand can choose the influencers of their interest by contacting them through MinnionsFame chat feature. They can also ask for the assistance of Minnionsfame to engage the influencer of their choice.

What results can a brand expect out of a campaign?

The brand would get optimum results in the form of excellent content quality and unbound reach to the customers through the campaigns run on the MinnionsFame platform.

How can an influencer become a part of a campaign?

The influencers can select campaign(s) of their interest from the on - going campaign section of MinnionsFame.

How can a brand access the quality of the Campaign?

The brands have the right to approve/disapprove any content based on their quality and fulfilment of the criterias mentioned in the campaign requirements.

Can a brand ask for work samples from the influencers regarding specific campaigns?

Brands can have the access to the sample videos submitted by the influencers on MinnionsFame platform. No specific samples would be provided to any brands.

What will be the duration of a particular campaign?

The duration of a campaign depends upon the time consumed in fulfilling the quantity of content required in that campaign.

How to know if the Campaign is over?

The influencers can know about the running status of the campaign through the ‘ongoing campaign’ dashboard.

Which brands can be a part of the MinnionsFame platform?

Any brand that wants to run an influencer marketing campaign with a minimum campaign value of 5 lakh can become a part of MinnionsFame.

How to start a campaign on MinnionsFame Platform?

To start a campaign with MinnionsFame the brand needs to ensure that the campaign value is 5 lakh or above. They can initiate the campaign by clicking on ‘Start Campaign’ along with providing the requirements of the campaign. The campaigns could be categorised based on the niche of the brand .

How many campaigns can be run simultaneously?

The brands can run as many campaigns as they want with the minimum campaign value of 5 lakh for each campaign.

Can a brand regulate the quality of the campaign?

Yes, a brand can regulate the quality of the campaign.

What is the minimum campaign value to start a campaign on this platform?

The minimum value to start a campaign on MinnionsFame is Rs. 5,00,000.

Can a brand contact influencers directly?

No, a brand cannot contact the influencer directly. If done so, it would be considered as a violation of terms of service of MinnionsFame.

Who holds the rights to approve or disapprove the content(s) posted under a campaign?

The brands hold the rights to approve or disapprove the content(s) posted under the campaign.

Can a brand engage influencer(s) on a contractual agreement?

Yes, a brand can engage the influencers on a contractual agreement by following the terms of service regarding contractual agreements.

What is the duration for a contractual agreement with Influencer(s)?

The minimum duration of a contractual agreement is 30 days. The duration could be extended as per the requirement of the brand with the prior information to MinnionsFame.

What are the conditions under which a contractual agreement can be dismissed?

Any discrepancies or violations of the terms of the contract as well as the violation of the terms of service of MinnionsFame could lead to the dismissal of a contractual agreement.

Who will decide the campaign value for the campaign?

Both MinnionsFame as well as the brand will jointly decide the campaign value of the campaign.

How can I register as an Influencer on the MinnionsFame platform?

Influencers can register themselves on the MinnionsFame platform by providing the required credentials and agreeing to the terms of service.

What kind of video is required to be submitted as the sample for registering with MinnionsFame?

For registering with MinnionsFame an influencer needs to provide a short and clear voiced video promoting MinnionsFame.

How many reliable influencers are listed on the MinnionsFame platform so far?

There are 1 lakh 80 thousand trusted and reliable influencers registered on the MinnionsFame platform.

For how long can an influencer be associated with MinnionsFame?

An influencer holds the privilege of being associated for a lifetime or as long as they want with the MinnionsFame platform.

What are the perks and benefits of signing up on the MinnionsFame platform?

Influencers can avail various perks and benefits by signing up on the MinnionsFame platform: ● Strong and appealing portfolio. ● Lifetime associations. ● Health insurance. ● Opportunity to be a part of high profile Influencer Marketing events. ● Opportunity to work with the prominent brands. ● Collaboration with renowned influencers. ● Be the part of various celebrity endorsements. ● Eligible for coupons, vouchers and merchandise.

How can an influencer become a part of a campaign?

An influencer can be the part of a campaign by selecting an ongoing campaign and submitting the required content(s).

Does MinnionsFame prefer and support influencers of a specific domain or category?

No, supporting any specific category or domain is against the norms of MinnionsFame.

Can an influencer initiate a contractual agreement?

No, contractual agreements could be initiated only by brands or MinnionsFame.

Can an influencer contact a brand directly?

No, influencers cannot contact any brand directly.

How much content is required by the influencers for an individual campaign?

An influencer is required to submit one approved content for an individual campaign.

How much content is required by the influencer in a contractual agreement?

The content requirement would vary according to the requirement of each contract.

Can I start my career as an influencer through this platform?

Yes, MinnionsFame facilitate the influencers with a wholesome support and the best platform to start their career in the field of influencer marketing.

What kind of support will be provided by MinnionsFame in launching my career as an Influencer?

MinnionsFame will provide all the necessary assistance to enhance and elevate the career of an influencer with its in house facilities like assistance in content creation, props, equipment, photoshoots and a well structured content calendar.

What if my content gets disapproved of for a campaign?

The content by the influencer will be observed and finalised by MinnionsFame. Any kind of disapproval will be notified by MinnionsFame. The influencer will be allotted a specific time (if applicable) to recreate the content and submit it. After 2 consecutive disapprovals, the influencer(s) can no longer remain a part of that particular campaign.

Can one influencer have access to the content of other influencers?

No, influencers can have access only to the sample video for Minnionsfame of their fellow influencer(s).

How to identify a genuine and appropriate brand?

MinnionsFame carefully assures the authenticity of each and every enlisted brand registered on its platform.

How to identify fraudulent emails and messages sent on the name of MinnionsFame?

In every email sent by MinnionsFame the domain would be “minnionsfame.in”. Any email received from the different domain can be reported at “[email protected] .

Can an influencer collaborate with other influencers registered on this platform?

No, the influencers are not allowed to collaborate with the other influencers registered on this platform unless and until MinnionsFame want them to.

Do MinnionsFame have tie ups with celebrities?

Yes, MinnionsFame have tie ups with a wide range of highly acknowledged personalities and celebrities.

Under what condition contractual agreement could be withdrawn?

The contractual agreement could be terminated under : ● Quality not being up to the mark. ● Violation of the terms of service of MinnionsFame. ● Violation of the terms of contract.

What would be the consequences of exiting a contractual agreement?

If influencers abruptly opt out of a contractual agreement they would be denied any payments and would be barged from signing any further contracts.

Who will possess the ultimate ownership of the content posted on the platform by the influencers?

MinnionsFame holds the ultimate right over the content(approved/disapproved) provided on its platform by the influencers. Neither the brand nor the influencers can use the contents without the knowledge of MinnionsFame.

What is an In house influencer?

The influencers who voluntarily enter MinnionsFame to enhance their career are considered as in house influencers.

How to become an In House Influencer with MinnionsFame?

To become an in house influencer with MinnionsFame ● Influencers need to build an appealing portfolio for themselves. ● Contact MinnionsFame either through email ● Or ● Visit the MinnionsFame website and fill your details accordingly in the In House Influencer Section.

What are the services provided by MinnionsFame to its in house influencers?

Services provided by MinnionsFame to its in house influencers : ● Total career support ● Opportunity to be a part of high profile Influencer Marketing events. ● Health Insurance. ● Content calendar management ● Facilitating with required resources, equipment and props. ● Opportunity to work with recognized celebrities and brands.

What is an in-house studio?

In house studio is the setup along with the props and equipment provided by MinnionsFame for the budding influencers.

Would MinnionsFame also provide the props, equipment and resources required by the in-house influencers?

Yes, they will provide the props, equipment and resources required by the in-house influencers.

Would the content calendar solely be designed by MinnionsFame?

Yes, the content calendar would be designed by MinnionsFame. However, suggestions would be taken from the influencers as well.

Would there be a requirement for bold content in the content calendar?

If the requirement is there and the influencers are comfortable with creating bold contents or the influencers themselves want to include it, bold content could be added to the calendar. However excessive skin show, nudity, vulgarity and obscenity would critically be kept under check.

Can the content calendar be altered and modified according to the requirement of MinnionsFame or Influencer?

Yes, the content calendar can be modified according to the requirement of MinnionsFame or the Influencers.

Are there any additional services provided to the in house influencers?

Yes, there are various additional services provided to the in house influencers like portfolio development and management, collaborations with celebrities, health insurance, access to high profile influencer marketing events, high end photo and video shoots etc.

Do the brands need to make advance payments before starting a campaign?

Yes, the brands need to make advance payments before initiating a campaign.

What would be the mode of the payments made by the brands?

Payments would be accepted by brands through UPI Payments, PayPal and Bank Transfers & MinnionsFame’s payment Gateway.

Can an influencer get the payment substituted in the form of shopping vouchers, coupons, brand merchandises and goodies?

Yes, the influencers can substitute their payment with vouchers, coupons and merchandise.

What would be the duration of the release of payment after the approval and acceptance of the content provided by influencers?

The duration of the release of payment to the influencers is 7- 10 working days.

Under what conditions can the payment to the influencer get delayed?

The payment could get delayed due to ● Disapproval of the content ● Violation of the terms of service by the influencers ● Technical errors

What is the procedure to initiate a delayed payment?

Influencers can raise a ticket or drop an email at [email protected] to initiate their delayed payments.

When will the influencers who are signed under a contractual agreement, get their payments?

Influencers signed under a contractual agreement will get their payment after the successful completion of the contract.

What are the charges to register oneself as in-house influencer at MinnionsFame?

There are different packages available according to the services that the influencers can choose from.

Do the in house influencers need to make the payment while signing up the deal with MinnionsFame?

Yes, all the payments are to be made in advance by influencers for registering themselves as in house influencers with MinnionsFame.

Is there any refund policy in case of opting out of the contractual agreement?

No, any refunds will not be entertained in case of dropping out from the contractual agreements.

Can any brand get a refund in case of withdrawal of a campaign?

No, brands would not be provided any refunds in case of withdrawing a campaign.

What actions would be counted as the violation of the terms of service?

Violation of any conditions mentioned in the terms of service would be considered as the violation of terms of service.

Who holds the ultimate authority and ownership of the content created or shared on this platform?

MinnionsFame holds the ultimate ownership of each and every content.

Under what circumstances, the account of a client or influencer could get blocked or suspended?

Account of a client or influencer could get blocked or suspended : ● Violation of terms of service. ● Breaching of contractual agreement. ● Violation of disclaimer number 4.

How to reactivate a suspended account?

The suspended account could be retrieved by sending a mail at [email protected] to MinnionsFame.

Under what situation(s) an influencer is required to submit a Sample Video to MinnionsFame?

While registering on this platform every influencer is required to submit a sample video promoting MinnionsFame or its other enlisted sister organisations .

What are the parameters and criteria to create a sample video ?

The parameter for creating sample video : ● Length : Minimum 30 seconds ● Content : promoting MinnionsFame or its other enlisted sister organisations ● Quality : clear visuality with proper audibility. ● Language : Hindi, English or other regional languages.

For how long an account can remain inactive without getting suspended?

An account would temporarily get suspended after remaining inactive for 3 consecutive months.

How can the inactive users reactivate their account?

The users whose accounts have been suspended temporarily can reactivate the account by submitting a new sample video promoting MinnionsFame or its other enlisted sister organisations.

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